Why Work With Iron Valley Wealth Management?

Four Reasons You Need To Hire a Certified Financial Transitionist™

  1. To prepare you for change, because life is about change.
    When life changes, money changes, and change is stressful. People in change are easily overwhelmed and operate far under their normal capacity. Financial Transitionists know this and also know how to create a safe place for a soft landing. They know how to calm the overwhelmed mind, minimize regrettable decisions, and make the initial stage of a big life event more comfortable, and maybe even enjoyable.

    The essential tools needed for transition are embedded in the work of a professional trained as a Financial Transitionist. They know how to guide you during expected events, and they know how to prepare you for the unexpected.
  2. Your Certified Financial Transitionist™ is your point person.
    The Transitionist understands you in a different way, and more completely, than other professionals. They know your communication style, the way you like to make decisions, the “why” behind your key decisions, and the “how” of moving you from overwhelm to calm. They make certain you can see and understand your financial plan by illustrating its parts in the way you’re most receptive to.
    Your changes don’t happen to you alone; they affect yourfamily and others close to you as well as other professionals such as your tax person. There’s an underlying dynamic,and the Financial Transitionist helps you with that dynamic by coordinating with the other people in your life. Because they understand you, they can help others understand you, including your other advisors. This increases your comfort level with your transition process, as well as its efficiency.
  3. Financial Transitions™ take longer than you plan for and probably longer than you want. They usually take years rather than months, with several cycles of stress and recovery. We call it Transition Fatigue™ when the stress of change depletes your physical and mental energy, making you susceptible to regrettable choices. Your Financial Transitionist sees that and will know how to help you recognize it too. It’s not a matter of time; it’s a matter of what’s going on with your unique process. Different capabilities as well as limitations emerge during your transition. A trained guide who knows when it is time to take a break and rest is the key to avoiding a string of bad choices throughout your years of transition. A key to avoiding a string of bad choices through your years of transition is a trained guide who knows when it’s time to rest.
  4. Certified Financial Transitionists™ help you emerge into a new normal. Resilience, skills, and a guide help you manage change. Financial Transitionists increase your confidence and resilience because they prepare you for change and then guide you through it when it happens. And they help you develop your inner transition skills, which help you get your feet back on the ground and fully experience your sense of renewal. Financial Transitionists lead you to your new normal, refreshed rather han exhausted, and ready for the next time life changes.

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